Playing for PacNW & Player Fees (2018)

Regular Season Play

PacNW Teams currently play in the Regional Club League (RCL).  The fall season is ~14 games which are typically played on Saturdays & Sundays.  Spring League is typically 7 games and concludes with State Cup in April & May. 

Yearly Player Costs

  • Club Registration; which includes player insurance and state registration fees, PacNW administration costs, club wide trainings and programs, goalkeeper training, College Coordinator, equipment and coach development. 
  • PacNW Club and Training Fee; Technical Director, Directors of Coaching, Coaches licensed and recognized at the State or National Level, Fields, Referees, RCL League Fees (including Coach travel) and State Cup entry fee (including Coach travel).  
Age Group Registration & Player Fees Tournaments Total Annual Cost
09 Boys & Girls $1,625 $275 (3 tournaments) $1,900
07-08 Boys & Girls $2,300 $350 (4 tournaments) $2,650
05-06 Boys & Girls $2,300 $400 (4 tournaments & summer campl) $2,700
04 Boys $2,050 $350 (4 tournaments) $2,400
04 Girls $2,300 $400 (4 tournaments & college camp) $2,700
03-00 Boys & Girls $2,300 $400 (4 tournaments & college camp) $2,700

Initial player fees, including registration and any uniform costs will be due at the first team meeting/TCB night.  Payment schedules and options will be provided at TCB night.  Financial Aid is available to qualified players.  Payments can be spread equally over several months.


Teams may have additional travel fees for out of state or college showcase tournament(s). Additional team fees for travel and tournaments are not included in this cost.


The PacNW Nike Player’s Kit includes numbered warm-up jacket and pants, one numbered long sleeve jersey, three pair of shorts, three numbered Dri-fit jerseys, three pairs of socks, and a duffel bag. This year will be the first year of the two year uniform cycle. All new players are required to purchase all uniform items at an estimated cost of $TBD

Fields & Training

Starfire Sports Complex is the home field for training and games for most teams.  Starfire is considered one of the premier soccer facilities on the entire West Coast.  Training will be held a minimum of twice per week.  In the Fall players will have an additional 6-8 team trainings on Friday nights. In the spring, players will have an additional 4-6 team trainings on Friday nights.  Times & locations are subject to change throughout the year.   

Skills Training

PacNW will hold specialized skills training sessions and soccer clinics at various times throughout the year.  These additional training sessions are open to all club members based on age for a nominal fee. Regular weekly practices for Goalkeepers will be scheduled throughout the year with our GK Coach Kelly Bendixen. Kelly has a USSF National ‘A’ Coaching License and a NSCAA National Level 1 GK Diploma.

Adult & Player Expectations

Coaches and Trainers are bound by the rules of conduct of WYS & PacNW. You can expect coaches to be on time and to act as role models for the teams. Players & Parents are expected to follow the guidelines set forth in the PacNW Code of Conduct Documents, which will be distributed by the Manager at TCB Night.

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