2018-2019 Uniforms


Uniform Numbering Policy

Uniform numbers will be chosen based upon the criteria and order of events listed below.  Players should come prepared with 2 to 3 optional uniform numbers in mind. 


Players will choose a single or double digit number, with the exception of numbers 00, 0, 1, 18, 36, 54, 72, and 90, which are reserved for goalkeepers.


Duplicate numbers are not permitted within the same player pool.  The exception to this is the U19 player pool.  A number may duplicate within the pool, but not within the same team.

Each step will be taken with the entire player pool at the beginning of the TCB meeting;

  1. Players with duplicate numbers
  2. Returning players desiring a new numbers
  3. New players

Number Selection Process


1.Any player may surrender their uniform number if they wish to select a new number.  The player’s original number will be returned to the pool of available numbers for all players.   Returning players who are voluntarily changing uniform numbers will choose an available number after the results of #3 are complete, utilizing the same process to determine order of selection.  Once a player voluntarily gives up a number, there are no guarantees the number can be retained if the number they want is unavailable when it is their turn to choose.


  1. If two players have the same number, they will “roll off” in a game of chance to determine who will keep the number.  The player rolling the highest dice total will retain their number.


  1. Players who must choose a new number, due to the results of #2, will draw a numbered card to determine the order of uniform number selection.  The lowest number drawn will choose first.


For high school seniors playing in their final year of club soccer that lose their number, PacNW will cover the costs of any required jersey replacements.  For the 2016-2017 season, this will include the short sleeve blue and short sleeve maroon Nike Dri-fit jersey's only.  Players will be responsible for purchasing the short sleeve custom jersey, long sleeve white jersey, and short sleeve black jersey, as well as any other uniform pieces they wish to replace. Seniors will have the choice to wear their old shorts, warm ups and bag with their old number or replace with new number at their own expense. 


  1. Starting with the maroon team, followed by the blue and white teams, returning players who wish to change uniform numbers will choose an available number following the results of #3.  If more than one player wishes to change numbers, players will draw a numbered card to determine the order of selection.  The lowest number drawn will choose first and continue through the highest number drawn.  Players who voluntarily surrendered their number will be responsible for all uniform costs.


  1. Starting with players on the maroon team, followed by blue and white teams, players new to PacNW will choose their numbers last, following the process explained in #3.


  1. Players not in attendance at TCB will forfeit their right to their number, and it will be returned to the pool of available numbers.  Upon their return, players will work with their manager to choose a new number from those still available.  PacNW is not responsible for the cost of replacement kits under these circumstances.


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