PacNW Partners with Pro Performance for Elite Mentorship
On a high level, Pro Performance serves the psychosocial pillar of player development. They are made up of a team of 40+ pro soccer players who understand the importance of the mental side of the game. Our sports psychologist, Dr. Lee Hancock, curated the best mental training content and combined it with stories and advice from pros! They use soccer as a tool to teach these principles of success.

At PACNW, we are having the 04, 05, and 06 age groups go through the Pro Performance lessons. On top of that, Lauren Barnes and Steve Zakuani (two Seattle soccer legends) are mentoring the teams! As they take the lessons, Steve and Lauren come to training to discuss the content, share their story, and build into the players! Our hope is that we can transform their lives on and off the field by giving them all the tools to be successful!

For more information on Pro Performance, please visit their website:


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